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Investigation routes of geological Science

1. The park has processed the investigation routes of geological science:

(1) Dabie Mountain root belt material - Yingshan LongtanRiver (granite) subject science investigation Route

Luotian Huangtuling Zhujia River→Yingshan TaojiaMountain→Longtan River scenic area. Extending from the southwest to thenortheast direction, azimuth northeast 55 degrees. There are 48-km distance ina straight line, about 55-km journey.

Inspect content: Luotian County Daqixiang HuangtulingMuzidian (rock) group granulite facies gneisses- the ancient continent nucleus(Archean) rock in Dabie Mountain area,. Muzidian (rock) group granulitegneisses, isolated island shaped “floating” in the Neoproterozoic Yantian Riverunit gneissic quartz flash syenite, quartz flash diorite and cut through byquartz monzonite granite branch. The formation depth over 30 kms, it is thetypical crustal rocks, the zircon U-Pb isotopic age is 28 million years.

(2) Granite geology subject Route

The route’s section starting point is LuotianBodao Peakscenic spot address; end for Tiantangzhai. Extends from northwest to southeast,azimuth southeast 95 degrees. 18-km distance in a straight line, about 35-kmjourney.

Inspect content: Late Jurassic -- Early Cretaceous synorogenic granite and late Cretaceous tectonic granite.

(3) Tectonic geology science investigation Route

Geological route along Macheng County Daqixang - LujiaRiver - Taolin River to the Guifeng Peak scenic spot road layout, basicallyprocess as tourism route. Route section starting point is Lujia RiverLuanshike. Extends from northwest to southeast, azimuth northwest 315 degrees.Extends from northwest to Taolin River with southeast azimuth angle of 135degrees. In a straight line distance of 30 km, about 45-km journey.

Investigation content: To investigate the two sets ofductile shear system of northeast and northwest.

2. Project for different ages, specific as follows:

(1)The primary and middle school students' travelroute:

Dianjiang stand - beacon - Thousand Buddha Cave - TangWang Cave - Jiulong Lake - Taolin spring - Jiulong Lake - the jimazhuang -Cuckoo flowers - immortal feet - Guifeng the sun - Tissot stone - DabieMountain Geopark Museum

(2)College Students' travel route

Beidou pine - Wollongong - Tianchi - Bao Long - tail -Emperor bend - Pine phoenix coronet, tin pot top - Kam Xinquan, a fairy rock -the goddess of the moon gorge.

Sage Hall - Ssangyong Lake - small canyon rafting - ShiYanyan - Huashan - yunya philosopher peak - Heaven top waterfall

(3)Travel route of the middle aged and oldpeople

Geological Museum of the Dabie Mountain - JiulongshanRedstone Park - Cuckoo flowers - Victory Street - Heaven Lake - nine ancientcapital - Beacon Hill - Tiantangzhai, Shek Kwu Miao Longtan Valley

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