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Hierarchical Protection of Geological Heritage

According to the geological relics distribution characteristics andcombination rules of Hubei Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark, for the effectiveprotection of geological relics - the valuable and renewable resources, thegeological relics landscape has been divided into special preserve ofgeological relics, First-grade preservation zone(point), Secondary preservationzone(point) and Three-grade preservation zone these four grades.

1Special Preservation Point

The special preservation includes Taojia MountainUltrahigh eclogite of Yingshan Town, Huangtuling ancient continental nucleus ofLuotian Town. As the core praservation content of the geopark, tourists arebanned from entering, only the approved scientific research, administrativepeople are allowed to enter for carrying out protection and scientific researchactivities, in this area, buildings and facilities shall not be set up. Noexcessive deforestation, carving, painting, and arbitrary construction abuseand wasteful mining; the supervising station and effective isolation protectionzone should be set up; the Administration of Geological Relics Protection ofGeological Relics Protection Regulations and the Administration ofGeological Environment Protection of Geological Relics Protection Regulationsshall be followed as well as the monitoring of geological environment and themanagement of the geological disasters; all the area relevant geologicalscientific research, geological relics protection etc, activities shall beapproved by the administrative departments amenable to program, and comply withthe acquirement of this plan; also build up a long term monitoring system withspecial personnel to take charge.

2First-grade preservation zones (point)

Importantgeological relics landscapes and certain surrounding areas that belong tostrictly needed protection with first-grade preservation. It mainly includesthe Ancient Continental Nucleus point of Macheng City, Fengshan Zhujia Rivereclogite point of Luotian town as the first-grade preservation points, LuotianLiziao TTG rock series point. Macheng City Sanhewan ductile shear zonegeological relics area, Macheng Guifeng Peak granite landscape first-gradepreservation zone, Luotian Bodaofeng granite landscape first-grade preservationzone and Tiantangzhai main peak granite landscape first-grade preservation. Inthe first-grade preservation zones, necessary touring trails and relevantfacilities could be set up, but it has to be coordinate with the environment,the number of tourists shall be controlled, any motor vehicles are prohibitedto enter and any production or construction activities are prohibited to be engaged.

3Secondary preservation zones

The geologicalrelics landscape and other natural landscapes of emphatic protection are takenthe secondary-grade protection, these are Luotian Qingtaiguan landformsecondary-grade preservation zone, Macheng Guifeng Peak geological relics andlandform secondary-grade preservation zone, Luotian Bodaofeng geologicallandform secondary-grade preservation zone and Tiantangzhai main peak landformsecondary-grade preservation zone. In the secondary-grade preservation zone,few tourist accommodation facilities could be settled, but the irrelevantbuildings with the park touring and motor vehicles are prohibited. Theecological sensitivity and visuality are lower than the first-gradepreservation zone.The specific measures takenin the secondary preservation zone are: Prohibition of cutting into a mountainfor quarrying, digging for sand, no productivity factories or pollutionindustrial and mining enterprises are allowed to be built; The development ofvillages in this area shall be restricted by the overall planning of the park,all the constructions shall be restrict to the overall planning, projectexamination and approval shall be taken charge by the administration departmentof the park; Only a few geoscience tourism services are allowed to be set, butthe geoscience- irrelevant buildings are limited, each building shall becoordinate with the landscape environment; Motor transportation is limited toenter this area; The forest green recovery job shall be be done, to protect thestability of the massif from water and soil erosion, landslide and environmentpollution; In the first and secondary preservation zones, the patrol way androad shall be planned( which can be used together with tourism footpath andtourism road)

4Three-gradepreservation zones

IncludingYingshan Longtan River Valley fluvial landform three-grade preservation zone,Macheng Jiulong Mountain landform three-grade preservation zone, LuotianQingtaiguan landform three-grade preservation zone and Luotian Bodaofenggeological landform three-grade preservation zone. In the three-gradepreservation zone, constructions and facilities are controlled in order, andcoordinates with surrounding environment. This partition regards the peripheralbuffer zone of the park, horizon range as three-grade preservation zone, formainly protecting the natural environment. In the preservation zone, mountaincutting and deforestation and polluting enterprises are forbidden, projectconstruction in this zone has to acquire the environmental requirements of thepark’s overall planning. The preservation barrier marks shall be settled on theboundary lines every 300 to 500 hundred meters, the geopark boder brands shallbe settled every 10 marks and the Geopark preservation billboards shall besettled on main crossings of the village in the park.

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