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Introduction about Animal Resources

Introduction about Animal Resources

The terrestrial vertebrate belong to 208 species, 26 Orderes, 4 Classes distributed in Huanggang Dabieshan National Geological Park of Hubei, including 41 speciesmammals(belong to 18 families, 7 orders) , 32 species reptiles (belong to 8 families, 3 orders),13 species amphibian(belong to 6 families, 2 orders), 122 species birds (belong to 33 families, 14 orders). There are 27 species wild animals of national priority protection, among them, Moschus anhuiensiPantherapardus fuscaAquilachrysaetosAquila heliacaHaliaeetusalbicillaOtis tarda and Ciconia ciconiawere under National first class protected animals, Manis pentabactylaCuonalpinusLutrachineensisViverricula indicaEchinotritonasperrimusRanarugulosaAnseralbifronsMilvus korschunAccipitersoloensis)、Buteo buteoAquilafasciataAegypius monachusCircuscyaneusCircusmelanoleucosPandion haliaetusFalcocolumbariusFalco tinnunculusSyrmaticus reevesiiPucrasiamacrolopha and Glaucidium cuculoides,etc.were under National second class protected animals. in addition, abundant fish resources distributed in the park.

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