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Rare plants in Dabieshan

Hubei Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark is located inHuanggang City, whose land area is more than 50 million hectares, and theforest coverage rate is 32.4%. And in the proposed Geopark, the forest coverageof Dabieshan National Forest Park, WujiashanNational Forest Park, Tiantang Lake National WetlandParkreached 90%. The Biological Park diversity makes it one of China’sseven major gene pools, with a high scientific value. There are 195 families,663 genera,1461 species, national key protected wild plants 18 species, amongthem Ginoko and Taxus chinensis var. Mairei are national first-level protectedplants. Besides, there are Cunninghamialaceolata cv., Pseudolarix, Pinus taiwanensis, Pinus armandii, gingko, Camellia japonica, Cinnamon, Nanmu, Emmenopteryshenryi Oliv., Sanko fir, Mangnolia officinalis, Buxus sinica var. Parvifolia,Pittosporum, Cymbidium sinense, Rhododendron fortunei, Heiwingia leaf andfruit, Magnolia denudata41kinds of rare tree species etc. Qizhou, located inthe bank of the Yangtze River is the hometown of China’s ancient famous medicalsage - Li Shizhen, where is also an important origin of Chinese herbalmedicines. The turtles, snakes, bamboos, Chinese mugwort in Qichun Country, theJin Prunus mume in Huangmei Country, Platycodon grandiflorum in Yingshan,Wolfiporia extensa in Luotian, Kujingcha in Tuanfeng, all belong to rare plantsor precious Chinese herbal medicines.

In Macheng GuifengPeak, where grows the worldlargest area, the most concentrated distribution, the most well preserved,  the most pure community structured, theoldest, the most beautiful plant type,the most magnificent landscape originalecological ancient Rhododendron phytocoenosium, whose growth period is up tomillions of years, the existing age is in more than a hundred years, with thetotal area of 667 x 105 square meters, the world level scenery was named as“the biggest area ancient Rhododendron phytocoenosium in China” by ShanghaiWorld Kiness headquarters.

Most of the geological structural features, arealso very ornamental peaks, cliffs, the heirographens, ornamental stones,mountain springs, vegetation landscapes etc. By setting a reasonable travelroute, the tourists in the tour of geological relics and, at the same time towatch the wondrous pines, bizarre rocks and beauty of the natural vegetation,thus the geological relics , humanities, vegetative landscape could be organiclinked together.

Ministry of Land and Resources P.R. ChinaDepartment of Land and Resources of Hubei ProvincePeople’s Government of HuanggangHuanggang Municipal Bureau of Land and ResourcesGlobal Geoparks NetworkNational Geopark of China The Geological Museum of ChinaHong Kong UNESCO Global GeoparkShennongjia Global GeoparkTianzhushan Global Geopark

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Huanggang Dabieshan National Geopark of Hubei
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