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Guangwushan-nuoshuihe Geopark

Locatedin Nanjiang and Tongjiang County, in Bazhong City, Sichuan Province of China,Sichuan Guangwushan-Nuoshuihe Geopark covers an area of 1818 km2 and comprisesof seven scenic areas, including Taoyuan, Daba, Eighteen Moon-like Ponds,Shenmen, Nuoshui Cave, Linjiang Lixia, and Kongshan Sky Basin. The Geopark is 390 km away from Chengdu, 370km from Chongqing but only 72 km fromHanzhong.  

Locatedon the transitional belt of the Karst landform in southern and northern China,the Geopark features a distinctive Karst geomorphologic landscape. Karstlandform develops in the carbonatite from six different ages, including Siniansystem, Cambrian system, Ordovician system, Silurian system, Permian system,and Triassic system respectively. Magnificent and enchanting peak clusters,cave clusters with the largest distribution density represented by Longhu Cave,Lion Cave and Loufang Cave etc., and spectacular Cave Adarce like soda strawclusters, strangely-shaped stone waterfall, Cave shield clusters and Cave flagclusters, all of those combines to demonstrate the evolution of Karst from boththe earth’s surface to underground. The evolution is not only continuous andcomplete but also typical and rare.

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