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Shennongjia Global Geopark

Located in the southwest part of Shennongjia Forestry District, HubeiProvince, Shennongjia Global Geopark is a geopark that integrates tectonicgeomorphology and mountain ecosystems. With a total area of 1,022.72 km2,the Geopark consists of five subareas: Shennongding, Guanmenshan, Tianyanya,Dajiuhu and Laojunshan.

During its geological history of1.9 billon years, Shennongjia area experienced multiple tectonic movements,forming very special alpine structural landform.ShennongPeak, with an altitudeof 3,106.2m, is the highest peak in central China. All the six mountains over 3,000mhigh gather here, constituting the “Roof of Central China”, the watershed ofYangtze River and Hanjiang River in Hubei Province. Shennongjia Group, acomplete set of strata formed in Mesoproterozoic, is an very importantgeological heritage; the diabase dyke exposed in the Geopark provides goodevidence to the splitting of Rodinia supercontinent in geological history; themoraine conglomerate of Neoproterozoic Nantuo Formation is the relic of ancientglobal ice age; the widely distributed stromatolite is important evidence forthe research on prehistoric organic evolution and sedimentation environment.These geological relics, as well as cap dolomite of Doushantuo Formation ofSinian System, quaternary glacial landform, Dajiuhu wetland section, etc., areof great significance for the research on paleoclimate, paleogeography andgeological evolution. Over 200 mountainous landform, structural landform,fluvial landform, karst landform and glacial landform sites make the Geopark anatural geological museum.

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