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Sushi, whose courtesy name is Zizhan, is from Meishan, Sichuan, as a famous litterateur and great poet of Northern Song Dynasty, together with his father Su Xun and his brother Su Zhe, they are known as “Three Sus”, and all belong to "Eight Prose Masters of Tang and Song Dynasty". In the year of Yuanfeng Three to Yuanfeng Seven (from AD. 1080 to AD. 1084), Sushi was relegated to Huangzhou to be the vice-commander of local army due to “Wutai Poem Case”, Huangzhou in Song Dynasty is today’s capital of Huanggang, Hubei. Though Su Dongpo was in an embarrassed situation during the first few days in Huangzhou, Huangzhou people received this great poet and litterateur with utmost enthusiasm. Government officials treated him with all sincerity, common people admired him to be a distinguished guest. During the four odd years of his relegation in Huangzhou, he created more than 770 articles including poetry, lyric, prose and ode, His visits to Red Cliff, Huangzhou defined the peak of his lifelong literary art masterpieces— “one lyric and two odes”, namely "The Charms of Niannu" and former and latter pieces of “Boating at the Red Cliff”, which made him one of the geniuses of "Eight Prose Masters of Tang and Song Dynasty". The political frustration didn’t bring him down, with generosity, he farmed on old campsite in Dongpo, Huangzhou, and styled himself as “Retired Scholar Dongpo”, “Su Dongpo”, therefore, becomes famous through the ages; life of relegation was austere, but delicacy made life joyful, pork was very cheap in Huangzhou, thus Su Dongpo bought some pork and stewed it in clear soup, then added soybean sauce and other seasonings, which finally made extremely delicious pork. To this end, he also wrote a song Ode to the Tork in particular, “Clean the pan, add little water, stew it with low heat, you should wait till it is just right, and at that time, it will be delicate. Good pork in Huangzhou, it is just as cheap as soil. rich people don’t want to eat, and poor people don’t know how to cook. I will have two bottles of it myself, which you need not to worry about” and that was the origin of Dongpo pork. Su Dongpo learnt a method in making shortcake by using spring water and flour when he visited Xishan Temple of Huangzhou City, returning home, he followed suit and also made it a dessert in serving distinguished guests and eminent monks, and this was the legendary “Dongpo Cake”

Sushi once said in his poem Writing an Inscription of My Portrayal, “I have already ceased to desire, and will never be absorbed by external things, my lifelong time is unsettled just like a drifting boat. Anyone who asks me about my achievements, my answers will be Huangzhou, Huizhou and Danzhou”, which showed how greatly the relegation life in Huangzhou had affected his lifelong time.

Su Dongpo’s relegation life in Huangzhou creates a cultural form—Dongpo Culture, and Huangzhou is its birthplace. Su Dongpo has contributed a lot in the significant improvement of literary taste and rank of Huangzhou, and strengthened its position by being a noted historic and cultural city. Dongpo Culture, broad and profound with its unique cultural value and aesthetic value, has a unique positive impact both at home and abroad. We must promote and inherit this kind of culture, strengthen exchanges in the field of Su, and work together to accelerate the development of Dongpo Culture.

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