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Commemoration of Earth Day Activity in the Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot of Hubei Province Huanggang Dabie Mountain National Geological Park Carries out Science Popu

The students take an oath at the launch ceremony.

Reported on August 3, Hubei Channel, Xinhuanet (Edited by Liu Xia, Luo Yanchao , Cheng Shengli) To better popularize and promote geo-scientific knowledge and actively carry out geological popular science propaganda activity. On July 29-30, Hubei Huanggang Dabie Mountain National Geological Park held the Science Popularization Summer Camp during the summer vacation in Macheng.

More than 60 teachers and students from Aiqiao Primary School of Kameyama Town of Macheng participated in this summer camp. Hubei Huanggang Dabie Mountain National Geological Park and Hong’an and the related leaders of Macheng participated in this activity all the way.

On the morning of July 29, the team members started from Macheng and successively visited Glaucophane Puzzolite in Hong’an Tiantai Mountain Area, Huangma Uprising and Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall in Huhei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area, Lujiahe Ductile Shear Zone in Macheng Guifeng Mountain Area, Jiulongshan Cretaceous Prunosus Glutenite. The Professor Xu Shiqiu of China University of Geosciences accompanied this summer camp and explained the geological knowledge along the way.

On the morning of July 30, Professor Xu carried out “Man and Nature” popular-science knowledge lecture in the Land and Resources Bureau of Macheng. In the afternoon, Professor Xu and followers went into Community of Kameyama Town of Macheng City and carried out geological relics and geological environment protection science popularization lecture for more than 70 local residents.

Through careful organization and joint cooperation, this science popularization summer camp had achieved good results. The students not only were personally on the scene and felt the charm of nature and the preciousness of geological relics, understood the geological structure and formation process, but also learned the geological scientific knowledge that the textbooks did not include, which stimulated the students’ interest in scientific research and understand the importance of learning science and protecting the earth. The students, the teachers and the masses participating in this activity said they would take care of the local environment, protect the valuable geological relic resources and strive to be an environmental protection guard. More than 50 students wrote the excellent science popularization writing on the spot, getting the honor certificates and prizes awarded by Huanggang Dabie Mountain National Geological Park Administration.

The visitors took photos in Cemetery of Revolutionary Matyrs of Hong'an County.

The visitors visited the Ductile Shear Zone of Lujia River of Fuzihe Town of Macheng City and attended a lecture on geological knowledge by Xu Shiqiu, the Professor of China University of Geosciences.

The visitors visited the Jiulongshan Cretaceous Prunosus Glutenite in Guifeng Mountain Park Area of Macheng and listened to the experts to explain the geological changes.

Read the popular science propaganda data carefully.

The students listened to the geological popular science knowledge lecture carefully.

Answer questions actively.

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