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Attentions for Geological Attractions Touring

Touring has become a way to improve people’s life quality, among the touring ways, the visiting to geological parks is of top popularity. However, the forests are always places of with certain dangers, therefore, for tourists going deeply into the forests, the following ten requirements should be followed for their own safety.

Always choose a forest park with adequate reception capacity as the main destination. Such forest parks have relatively complete infrastructure and service facilities.

Pay attention to the best touring season of the destination. Generally speaking , the  forest parks in the North have more obvious landscape feature in spring, summer and autumn days. In particular, the time before and after the mountain climbing festivals or gatherings will be the best season to go there.

Go there in families or groups. Forest parks with longer development history have more tourists, while other are not visited by that many people. If travel alone, tourist might meet various inconvenience and insecurity factors.

Pay attention and carefully select the touring routes. Travel along the marked tourist routes or ask for a guide, do not to stay away the main ways.

Arrange the touring and accommodation hours in a scientific way, try to reach the fixed accommodation reception place before the sunset.

Make preparation to avoid mosquito and insect bites and attacks from poisonous snakes or wild beasts.

Pay attention the wearing. The shoes should fit the feet and be anti-slip, and clothes close-fit, and do not clothes exposing too much skins, to avoid slipping or being caught by the branches.

Bring the necessary food, drink, do not pick and eat from the wild, so as to prevent poisoning accident.

To bring the communication tools or simple alarming equipment (flashlights, whistles, horns, etc) and take emergency medicines.

Follow the forest park tour requirements, do not hunt,use fire in the wild field, collect specimens or drop garbage.

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