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Touring Service Phone Numbers of Transportation, Consulting and Police Reporting


Huanggang Eastern Tourist Transport Company   0713-8357688  

Huanggang Wenxin Tourist Transport Company      0713-8663545  

Huangzhou Train Station Service Line0713-2105771  

Huangzhou Train Station Ticket Office0713-3883219  

Huanggang Donghua Passenger Transport Station0713-8391592  

Huanggang Eastern Passenger Transport Company0713-8357029  

Huanggang Huaxin Bus Service0713-8692006  

Huanggang News Airline Reservation0713-8365507  

Huanggang Youth Airline Reservation   0713-8613139  

Huanggang Hongda Car Rental Company   0713-8833999  

Huanggang Zhengfu Taxi Company   0713-8360241  

Long-distance Passenger Transportation Information0713-8356981  

Tourist Complaint   0713-8668778  0713-8617257  

Food Hygiene   0713-8352514  

Disease Prevention and Control   0713-8388026  

Customer Complaint of Hong’an0713-96315  

Tourist Complaint of Hong’an   0713-96118    

Fire Alarm119  

Theft Report to the Police110  

Medical First Aid120   120  

Traffic Accidents122   122  

Phone Number Directory Enquiries 114   114  

Medical ServiceHuanggang First Hospital0713-8353391  

Price Supervision12358   12358  

Consumers' Association12315   12315  

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