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Yingshan Souvenir

Yingshan Silk Quilt

The serial products, including silk quilt, silk garments, silk household accessories and silk health-care pillow, with the brands of “YEASILK” and “DREAMSILK” have been jointly developed and produced by Dreamsilk Co., Ltd and Yeasilk Co., Ltd. We carefully select the ecological and pollution-free silks from Ta-pieh Mountain as the raw materials, and pursue the product design concept of “fashionable, professional, comfortable and natural” . Natural, pure, elegant and comfortable are the main tones of the product design, with the integration of classical design and rigorous manufacturig process, which have not only manifested the

Yingshan Chanhua

Yingshan Chanhua is of small size, ingenious design, workmanship and vivid form. It absorbs essences of different styles and integrates painting, scissor-cut, cloisonné, embroidery, weave, sculpture and other workmanships to uniquely innovate an elegant presentation means and art form. People call it “three-dimensionalembroidery, “sculpture in the form of line”, “three-dimensional claborate-style painting”. Chanhua is namely to use multi-color silk thread to twine various arts works on framework. The framework is divided into two type, entity, such as cooper wire, pen, ink and fruit shell, and artificial matter, such as various forms bound by paperboard and cooper wire. Themes of Chanhua mainly cover bird, flower, beast, fish, fruit,

Yingshan Platycodon Grandiflorus

Platycodon grandiflorus, also named Baofuhua, Lingjiehua and Cengmaohua, is Campanulaceae and Platycodon. It grows in China, Korean Peninsula, Japan and western part of Siberia. Its root can act as medicine or be pickled to be dishes. Platycodon grandiflorus is commonly used as Chinese medicine, of which effects are smoothing lung, making expectoration easy, relieving sore throat, apocenosis. It mainly treats cough and excessive phlegm and swollen sore throat. It can be used as both food and medicine in a great demand.

Yingshan green bean vermicelli

Yingshan green bean vermicelli is made of high-quality green bean and processed with advanced modern technology, without any additive, and the crystal clear appearance and boil-resistance makes it tender and palatable, smooth and chewy, could be used in cold, hotpot, hot dishes and soup. The green bean vermicelli contains various vitamin and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, thus has good edible value. It won International Award of Panama in 1970.

Yingshan chitose cake

Yingshan chitose cake is made of glutinous rice flour as main ingredient with appropriate addition of sticky rice by putting the ingredients into wooden templates carved with "Good Luck" with ratio of 7:3. The finished cake has a delicate appearance and if full of traditional local characteristics, the sweet and refreshing taste makes it suitable for fried or boiled. It has been traditionally used in one year-old child celebration as a symbol of happy and prosperous and the good luck and has become a unique food throughout Central China.

Yingshan silk warm shirt

Silk products are the products with best quality in Dabie Mountain, and the good capacity of warm, breathable, absorbent, soft, delicate and people's pursuit for "purely natural" products have made such product become popular and common quality products by modern people, as they were only supplied to the Royal in past. The "Love of River-Boat" brands products developed by Dabie Mountain Baonong Products Development Co., Ltd. focus mainly on serial products taken quality silk as main ingredient, for product feature, it is committed to the cultural concept of Warm of Silk, Love and Reluctant, aimed to develop intimate, delighting and healthcare silk quilt, the serial products including silk pajamas, silk scarves and warm & healthcare shirts are attractive, endlessly enjoyable, charming and unforgettable as well as easy to carry, could be excellent goods for gifting or self-using.

Yingshan Handmade Cloth Shoes

Yingshan Handmade Cloth Shoes for health maintenance is crafted from ramie thread, the specialty of Dabieshan Mountain in the manner of interweaving shoe sole (abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant), with the 100% pure cotton cloth as the main material and bamboo shoots sleeves of Dabieshan Mountain in the shoe sole (strengthening the moisture absorption and ventilation function of shoe sole). It is featured with the function of usability, comfort, permeability, activating collaterals, dispelling moisture and sterilization, protecting the feet so as to achieve the goal of warding off disease and lengthening people’s life.

Yingshan Handmade Embroidered Insole

The product is formed with pure cotton cloth, which is the craft product sewing and embroidering by hand with the curly cotton and silk thread. The product, with high applicability, well permeability, is an excellent product in shoes matching. In ancient time, the bride’s side always regarded it as the apple of her eyes for giving her boyfriend as a gift in return. Before three festivals in the year (Dragon Boat Festival, Middle Autumn Festival, Spring Festival), the bride’s side must prepare the embroidered insole for exchanging the token of love.

Yingshan Oily Noodles

The product is processed by traditional artisanal craftsmanship by taking the flour as the raw material, adding enough cooking oil and mixing the flour by hand, which has high palatability. It is suitable for frying, stir-frying and boiling. It is easy to digest and suitable for people of all ages, which is an indispensable health maintenance food. Compared with the machine-made noodles on the market, it has incomparable taste.

Yingshan cloud and mist tea

“Yingshan cloud and mist tea” is produced from Tiantangzhai, main peak of southern Dabie Mountain, northeast part of Hubei. This place is surrounded by ridges and peaks and it is mist-shrouded. Unique and advantageous ecological environment and climate conditions create Yingshan cloud and mist tea with high quality. In addition, Tiantangzhai is awarded as “Town of Chinese Tea”, “Green Tea (Famous Tea) Town of Chinese Tea” and “National Production Base of Pollution-free Tea”. “Gaoshan cloud and mist tea”. Yingshan cloud and mist tea is awarded as Hubei top ten famous teas. Yingshan cloud and mist tea has many effects, such as refreshing yourself, removing your troubles, antipyretic effect and quenching thirst effects, helping to digest, remove grease, Sterilization, antiphlogosis, anti-caries, strengthening tooth, losing weight, bodybuilding, harmonizing stomach, diuresis, improving eyesight, clearing away the heart-fire, relieving the tobacco,

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