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Transportation Overview

External Transportation


There three railways in this area: Beijing-Kowloon Line, Hefei-Jiujiang Line and Beijing-Guangzhou Line. The Beijing-Kowloon line goes through the 9 counties, cities and districts of the city, and is connected with Hefei-Jiujiang Line and Beijing-Guangzhou Line in the region. It has a total length of 316.7 kilometers and 20 train stations, among which the Macheng Station is the largest district station within the Fuyang-Jiujiang railway, and Huangzhou Station as a second-level station.  


Expressways and National Highways are connecting here in Huanggang area, including Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, Hefei- Wuhan Expressway, Wuhan-Macheng Expressway, Wuhan-Huangshi Expressway, Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway, and National Highway 106 and 318; moreover, the construction of Red Tourism Road (460 km) throughout the Dabie Mountains has been completed.

Water Transportation

Beside the 198 km of Yangtze River’s "Golden Waterway", the six river systems of Ju River, Dao River, Ba River, Xi River, Qi River and Huayang River run through the entire territory of Huanggang.

Air Transportation

Huanggang is close to the Wuhan Tianhe Airport in the west, and Jiujiang Airport in the east.

2Internal Roads and Transportation

(1) The Dabie Mountains Tourism Arterial Highway

With its west end starting from Qiliping of Hong’an, passing Macheng city area, Shengli-Bodao Peak, Tiantangzhai of Luotian, Wujiashan Mountain of Yingshan, Xima Town of Xishui, Liuhe Town of Qichun, Nuobu Park of Huangmei and ending at Chengguan of Huangmei County, the highway is an arterial throughout the whole Park, connecting the main tourism resources in the Park like pearls in the string. The total length of this highway is 460km.

2The Dabie Mountains Tourism Feeder Roads

The 50km feeder road from Wuhan-Yingshan Expressway, Yingshan Country Exit to Zhangjiazui, 60km road from Luotian county to Jiuzihe Town, 10km road from Aiqiao of Macheng to Guifeng Mountains, 20km road from Qiliping of Hong’an to Tiantai Mountain, 15km road from Jiuzihe Town of Luotian to Sanshengnao, 15km road form Jiuzihe of Luotian to Baimazhai boundary of Anhui. Total length 170km are all reconstruction or expansion projects.

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