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Huanggang Association for Science and Technology Organizing and Conducting an Activity on Investigating and Learning Geological Popular Science Knowledge

On June 21, in combination with the “Studies on the Theoretical and Practical Issues of Party Building”, Huanggang Association for Science and Technology carried out the activity of “One Day of Learning for Party Members”, organizing people in charge of association for science and technology of various counties (cities), experts from Huanggang Vocational and Technical College, etc to head for Luotian Huangtuling Ancient Continental Nuclei Geological Relics in Dabieshan Geopark to learn geological popular science knowledge.

Dabie Mountains are fairly rich in geological relics, where the geomorphologic landscape is extremely peculiar. The magnificent and steep geomorphologic landscape of Dabie Mountains has been formed owing to the orogenic movement of Yanshan Epoch, the collision between the Yangtze plate and the North China plate, natural weathering and other actions while Tiantangzhai Main Peak has been hailed as “cap” of Dabie Mountains. The oldest Luotian Huangtuling ancient continental nuclei taken shape more than 2.8 billion years ago, Liziao neo-archean TTG rock, Zhujiahe high-pressure eclogite and other relics are a key to uncover early evolution of the earth, hailed as “root” of Dabie Mountains and making Dabie Mountains become a hot spot at home and abroad for geo-science study.

In recent years, with its various infrastructure facilities constantly improved, Dabieshan Geopark, in succession, has been awarded with the titles of “Popular Science Base of Land and Resources of China” and “Popular Science Education Base of Hubei Province”. In 2013, it was crowned with the title of “China’s Most Beautiful Geological Park”. On December 27, 2015, declaration of Dabieshan World Geological Park smoothly passed the state-level review and will accept the field assessment and inspection by experts on World Geological Park of UNESCO on behalf of China in the second quarter of 2017.

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