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Shengrentang Village of Jiuzihe Town, Luotian County and Yufan Village of Yongjiahe Town, Hong’an County Ranked among the 13 High-quality Villages Shengrentang

Shengrentang Village of Jiuzihe Town

As a small village at the northeast corner within Luotian County of Hubei Province, Shengrentang Village of Jiuzihe Town is located at the foot of Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot, a main peak of Dabie Mountains. It is surrounded by the fragrance of crops and distributed with numerous cottages. In here, chickens entertain themselves and dogs play with each other while the old and children enjoy themselves. Looking around, you will find that the towering mountains are blended with the sky, forming a nature-born beautiful landscape.

1. Timehonored: it is historically recorded that Confucius ever ran a private school to give lectures here so that it earned its name “Saint Hall (equivalent to Shengrentang (Chinese Pinyin)”;

2. Ancient charm: the ancient village is made up of the Hui-style dwellings with ancient charm, which are distinctive for their small grey-green roof tile, white wall, dragon-shaped horse-head wall, etc.

3. Beautiful rural scenery: “red autumnal leaves of Tiantangzhai” and other distinctive rural landscapes have been hailed as “China’s most beautiful rural scenery”.

Yufan Village of Yongjiahe Town, Hong’an County.

----Located in the northeast of Hubei Province and at the southern foot of Dabie Mountains, Yufan Village of Yongjiahe Town, Hong’an County, nestling under a mountain and near a river, facing Weidou Lake and leaning against Dabie Mountains, has been known for its beautiful scenery. Transformed by Xixiangfang Team, Yufan Village has become a model for reconstruction of beautiful villages. The century-old village has given birth to talented people from generation to generation and it definitely will become more beautiful.

1. With beautiful mountains, clear waters and picturesque scenery, it is superior in natural resources; with simple folk customs, it, since the ancient times, has had formed the tradition of running private school to promote education and part-time learning;

2. Under the leadership of the Villagers Committee and the Village Party Branch, the villager’s self-governance management has been strengthened; here, the villagers are trusted, mobilized and relied on, demonstrating the strong power generated by the rallied masses;

3. With the existing village pattern protected, based on the farming activities, new industrial formats of ecological circular economy and rural leisure economy are being developed to forge an international slow village brand of dislocation complementation and coordinated development featured by “one group one product, one group one landscape, and one group one industry”.

Earlier this year, to deeply implement the Relevant Opinions on Promoting Integrative Development of Cultural Creativity and Design Services with the Related Industries (GF (2014)) promulgated by the State Council and the important spirit on Beautiful China and Ecological Civilization Construction conveyed by the General Secretary Xi Jinping, on the land of Jingchu (ancient name of Hubei Province), an enthusiasm to construct beautiful villages and guide urban residents to take rural tourism has been ignited: Hubei Provincial Tourism Administration launched the activity to create wall paintings for rural tourism; it picked Shengrentang Village, Xufengchong Village, etc of Luotian County as the pilot; mining local folk cultural highlights, in the villages or tourists-gathered places, through hand painting on walls and other forms of cultural creativity, the activity put a finishing touch to the most beautiful villages.

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