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Overview on Main Peak Area of Dabieshan

As the core of Huanggang Dabieshan National Geopark of Hubei, with a total planning area of 2026.29km2, Main Peak Park of Dabieshan stretches over Luotian County and Yingshan County. It is divided into Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot, Baodaofeng Scenic Spot, Tiantang Lake Scenic Spot, Tingtaiguan Scenic Spot and Wujiashan Scenic Spot. In addition, around the Park, two attractions, namely Sanlifan Hot Spring Resort and Taohuachong Scenic Spot, have been constructed.

There are abundant geological relics in Main Peak Park of Dabieshan and its surrounding region: the Muzidian group granulite facies-biotite-garnet gneiss with a history of more than 2.8 billion years discovered in Huangtuling is residue of the earliest ancient continent nucleus in area of Dabie Mountains. Main Peak Park is also distributed with intrusive rocks of neo-archean plutonic granite—an ancient “TTG” rock series, constituting root belt material of Dabie Mountains, hailed as “root of Dabie Mountains”, together with Muzidian group. In addition, both in Zhujiahe of Luotian County and Taojiashan of Yingshan County, there are typical high-pressure and ultrahigh-pressure eclogites, which are of great scientific significance and research value. Therefore, the Park is also hailed as “Museum of Orogeny”.

Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot has a planning area of 37.73 km2. Owing to the orogenic movement of Yanshan Epoch, the Yangtze plate and the North China plate collided with each other, resulting in intensive uplift of this region; afterwards, under the superposition of multiple actions, such as tectonic movement, weathering, erosion by surface water, etc, the geomorphologic landscape featured by winding, continuous, steep and towering mountains within the Park was eventually formed. Tiantangzhai has always been famous for its “magnificent mountain, deep ravine and blue water”.The main attractions inside the Scenic Spot include: Loyalty Embankment, Spirifer Rock, Small Huashan Mountain, Jiudaogu, Blessing of Maitreya, Gathering of Faeries, Philosopher Peak, Paradise of Accumulated Snow, Woodsman Signing on Duoyun Mountain, etc.

Baodaofeng Scenic Spot has a planning area of 51.76km2. Also known as Hehaofeng and Wolonggang, Baodaofeng is located in the southern foot of Dabie Mountains’ main peak and composed of dozens of group peaks. With an elevation of 1,404 meters for its main peak, Baodaofeng differs itself from others in steep mountains, bizarre rocks and strangely-shaped pines. Stretching out nearly from south to north, from lateral view, it looks like a thin knife piercing into the sky and, from horizontal view, it looks like a wreathing dragon. On the peak top, there are numerous bizarre rocks differing in thousands of ways. The landform of bare rock on the peak ridge is an ideal place for strangely-shaped pines: affected by wind power for a long time, the pines are shaped uniquely. The famous attractions include Phoenix Teased by Golden Cicada, Foraging of Eagle, Wolonggang, Tianziwanyao (a narrow stone arch tunnel, to go through which even an emperor should bend down), Tin-pan-like Top, etc.

Qingtaiguan Scenic Spot has a planning area of 21.24 km2. On the mountain top, owing to the three parallel giant peaks, whose tops are round and smith and which, as a whole, look like a towering penholder, Bijia (equivalent to penholder) Mountain earned its name herefrom. Bijia Mountain is surrounded by cloud and mist throughout the year, which will not fade away even in sunny days, thus crowned as “Sunny Mist of Bijia”. Featured by extreme steepness, the mountain has deep grooves and ravines. In the rock crevices on cliff wall of the main peak, there are pines with a height of only several feet dancing in the wind. Peak-building rock of Bijia Mountain is the medium-grain biotite monzonitic granite of Jiangjiawan. Inside the Scenic Spot of Bijia Mountain, there is Peach Orchard, Dieshu Cliff, Celestial Being of South Mountain, Urn-door-like Pass and other attractions.

Tiantang Lake Scenic Spot has a planning area of 27.76km2. With beautiful scenery and abundant aquatic products, it is a paradise for leisure vacation.

With a planning area of 53.53km2, Wujiashan Scenic Spot include attraction cluster of South Wudang, a main peak of Dabie Mountains, and that of Longtan River. The Taoist temple with an imposing manner of South Wudang, located on main peak of Dabie Mountains, is a base to carry forward the Taoist culture and Wudang martial arts, as well as an important cultural landscape inside the Scenic Spot. Known as “Best Wonderful Scenery in Central China”, Canyon of Longtan River is magnificent and steep, with precipitous valley, deep pond, plunging waterfall, flowing spring and unique landscape. Owing to the water erosion, various geological phenomena have taken off the weathered coat so that the tourists can perceive the traces left by geological transformation taking place hundreds of millions of years ago.

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