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Overview on Guifengshan Area

With a planning area of 599.25km2, Guifengshan Area is divided into Guifengshan Scenic Spot and Jiulongshan Scenic Spot.

Guifengshan Area has one north-to-east ductile shear system and one north-to-west ductile shear system. To be specific, the former refers to Macheng-Tuanfeng ductile shear system, featured by prominent zonation, as well as various types and forms of surface rocks. About 5km away from north east of Baiguo Town, a brittle fracture belt, namely Macheng-Tuanfeng fracture belt, which, superimposed on Macheng-Tuanfeng ductile shear belt, is the super-deep fracture belt dividing Tongbai block and Dabie block, as well as cutting Mohorovicic discontinuity. With so rich and typical geologic structural phenomena, Guifengshan Park is an ideal place for scientific research and popular science education, as well as a natural laboratory to study tectonic stress.

With a planning area of 599.25km2, Guifengshan Scenic Spot, whose main peak has an elevation more than 1,300 meters, is composed of tortoise head, tortoise waist, tortoise tail and so on nine mountains, shaped like a giant head-and-tail-raising tortoise. On the mountain top, there are numerous bizarre rocks, which, constituting a magnificent and gorgeous scenery, are formed through multistage tectonic movement, as well as under actions of long-term physical weathering, collapse and ground stress; among them, Rising Sun of Guifeng, Shoulder Pole Stone, Xianbajiao (an extremely narrow stone path with a width less than one foot), Shenglejing, Guanyin Cliff, Handclapping Stone, Snow Spraying Cliff, etc other famous attractions make every tourist linger longer.

With a planning area of 26.28km2, Jiulongshan Scenic Spot is composed of nine red hills made up of cretaceous amaranth glutenite; the nine hills wriggling from the center to the periphery look like nine hovering giant dragons and thus are known as “nine dragons entangled atop” in the folk. Baizi Tower inside the Scenic Spot has had a history of 1,300 years, beside which there is “Tangwang Cave”, “Dragon Well”, “Temple”, etc. Longtan Temple, where Li Zhi, an ideologist of Ming Dynasty, gave lectures and composed scholarly works, and Diaoyutai Ruins have been listed as key cultural relics protection units of Hubei Province.

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