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Historical Profile of Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark

Name of Dabie Mountains has been recorded in Shangshu · Yugong as early as 3,000 years ago. As for the origin on name of Dabie Mountains, opinions vary and it is unable to decide which one is right; however, there are several popular sayings:

1. Some people claim that it was named by Li Bai; according to legend, one time Li Bai climbed Baimajian (with an elevation of 1777 meters), the peak of Dabie Mountains; when appreciating the landscapes on both sides of south and north, he found they were totally different and thus could not help exclaiming that, “In south side of the Mountain, flowers are booming while in north side, snow gleams white. This Mountain is significantly different (equivalent to da bie (Chinese Pinyin)) from others!” Dabie Mountains earned its name herefrom.

2. Another saying comes from the circle of geographical science. According to investigation by geo-cultural scholars, the place where Dabie Mountains is located now was a vast expanse of water in the ancient times, and, about 2 billion years ago, owing to crustal movement, the ground here began to uplift to gradually form the current Dabie Mountains. Dabie Mountains and Qinling Mountains lie across the Central China, spreading out for thousands of kilometers to constitute the watershed for north and south river systems of China. Separating the two major river systems, namely Yangtze River and Huaihe River, as well as the two lands, namely Wu State and Chu State, it makes the climatic conditions and folk customs in the south distinctly different (equivalent to da bie (Chinese Pinyin)) from those in the north; therefore, it is called as Dabie Mountains.

3. There is also a mythic saying. It was said that, in the primordial world, heaven and earth were a unified entity and hundreds of millions of creatures were squeezed in a dim space between heaven and earth; and then a mountain was uplifted with a huge noise, whose ridge propped up the heaven to separate it from earth, thus bringing about brightness to all living beings. This mountain separating heaven from earth and day from night, thus making heaven totally different (equivalent to da bie (Chinese Pinyin)) from earth, earned its name herefrom.

4. The last one is related to the Emperor Wu of Han. It is said that Liu Che, the Emperor Wu of Han, passed by a high mountain within Yuexi County of Anhui when he offered to sacrifice to heaven in Nanyue Tianzhu Mountain. The Emperor was unwilling to take the road back so that, to his surprise, he could not walk away from this mountain in two months and thus sighed with emotion that, “This mountain is so tremendous, greatly differentiating (equivalent to da bie (Chinese Pinyin)) itself from others in the world.” It earned its name herefrom.

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