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Red Autumnal Leaves Withering But Beautiful Scenery Surviving

On December 3, 2015, numerous tourists attracted by red autumnal leaves of Luotian County in Huanggang City gathered in Xufengchong Village, where they were crazy about the wall paintings of red autumnal leaves, differing with each other in thousands of ways, in the village and pressed the shutter without hesitation. One tourist surnamed Chen from Guangdong said, “I was about to enjoy the landscape in the First Village of Red Autumnal Leaves, but it is a pity that I have missed the right reason and most red leaves have fallen; looking from a distance, I saw clusters of red leaves running towards me; however, when I got closer, I found it was a wall painting, which was so vivid and beautiful!” A villager nearby looked at the visitor happily and chipped in that, “It is also beautiful when the red leaves have not fallen not long before; some visitors mistook it for real red leaves and they all said this village was full of creativity and enjoyed the farmhouse meal in the village; actually, more and more “Happy Farmhouse” restaurants have been opened.”

Famous Village for Tourism of Hubei Province--Shengrentang

Cultural Plaza of Shengrentang Village

The Party Members and the Masses Service Center of Shengrentang Village

The First Village of Red Autumnal Leaves in China--Xufengchong

Grand Stage of the Masses of Xufengchong Village

Beautiful Village—Shijingtou Village of Dahean Town

Since the five-level joint construction activity was carried out in 2008, Hubei has created a large number of famous towns and villages. Now, rural tourism is confronted with the problem of homogeneity; therefore, the activity to create wall paintings is exactly to help rural transformation, mine folk cultural connotation and promote upgrade of the rural tourism so as to add brilliance to the present splendor of elegant Hubei and beautiful Luotian.

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