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Online Geopark Exchange Meeting between Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp,China and Mesopotamia Geopark,Turkey

As we all know, the GGN founded in 2004 is a dynamic network where members are committed to work together, exchange ideas of best practise, and join in common projects to raise the quality standards of all products and practices of a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Invited by Mesopotamia Geopark,Turkey, to get some advices and learn from experiences (before/through/ after) the application process from Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp,China and other UGGps in China, an online Geopark Exchange Meeting was held on the afternoon of 2 Sept,Beijing time and lasted for about 2 hours. Supported by Chinese Geoparks Network,Danxiashan UGGp,Shilin UGGp,Wudalianchi UGGp,Tianzhushan UGGp and Xiangxi UGGp,China, more than 25 delegated participated the meeting.

In order to know about each other,the meeting begins with an brief introduction and some beautiful pictures and then a presentation given by Dr.Hellen & the field coordinator Mrs. Ceren Ilter from Mesopotamia Geopark, Turkey. What comes last is free discussion. In this session,stakeholders, consultant professors from the UNESCO national committeeof Turkey take an active part in it, questions about Geopark boundaries,management methods. etc are put forward so as to solve some problems facing right now by Mesopotamia Geopark, Turkey.

By question and answer, 6 coordinators from Chinese Geopark share opinions about management, financial budget, Mentorship and Knowledge Exchange Programme,etc. and invite Mesopotamia Geopark. Dr.Hellen from Mesopotamia Geopark,Turkey said, Mesopotamia Geopark, Turkey is a baby geopark and needs a lot of work to do, and we would need your help and support in many aspects!.

This online geopark exchange meeting is not only a chance to promote Chinese geopark network, but also a example to carry out the mission within geopark network to cooperation and to communicate. Its a sign to show that although we all has suffered from the COVID-19, but we always work together and help each other under the framework of UGGPs.

Mesopotamia Geopark covers an enormous size of land, including the volcanic Karacadağ mountain, in addition to wide number of Geosites, located in southern Turkey, in the famous land of Mesopotamia, and are planning to go through the process of UGGP application next year.

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