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Teachers and students of Huanggang Normal University walk into Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Geopark to carry out practice activities

On April 14, the 2019 grade teachers and students from the school of geography and tourism of Huanggang Normal University went to Guifeng Mountain of Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark to carry out a two-day comprehensive field investigation and practice.

Under the guidance of Cao Xinguang, Yang Xueying, XuYingchao, Deng Lihuan and Wang Deliang, 95 teachers and students investigated the geological, geomorphic, vegetation, soil, meteorological, hydrological and other natural geographical elements of Guifeng Mountain of Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp. Luo Yanchao, director of Macheng Geopark Administration Bureau, was specially invited to explain the establishment process of Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp and the precious geological relics of Guifeng mountain. Cheng Gang, deputy director of Macheng Geopark Administration Bureau,explained the vegetation types of Guifeng mountain.

During the climbing process of Guifeng mountain, under the guidance of professional teachers and park staff, students intuitively felt the vertical distribution law of vegetation in Guifeng mountain; observed and recorded the characteristics of geological structure, landform, rock and mineral; analyzed the relationship between elements of physical geography and various cycles on the surface. The granite species and biodiversity of Guifeng mountain left a deep impression on teachers and students.

The field investigation and study activities in Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark have impressed teachers and students with the precious geological relics, typical geological structures, landforms, rock minerals and biodiversity of Guifeng Mountain. It improves the students' professional practical ability interests, trains and exercises their independent working ability and team cooperation ability. Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp is rich in resources, and is closely related to the subjects students have studied. In the future, both sides of geopark and school will continue to strengthen cooperation so that more students can carry out practice activities in Geopark and combine classroom learning with practice.

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