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Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp Successfully Held Popular Science Lecture in Huanggang Second Experimental Primary School

At 2:30 p.m. on March 24, 2021, at the invitation of Huanggang Second Experimental Primary School, Dr. Xia Feiyong of Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp held a science popularization lecture with the theme of "The story of fossil" to all 420 students in grade 4 (10-11 years of age) of Huanggang Second Experimental Primary School.

At the activity site, Dr. Xia popularized science on the evolution history of life on the earth, the formation of fossils and the value of fossils by means of showing the students with vivid fossil photos, interesting animations and videos. In the course of the lecture, he set award-winning questions on the spot. With the help of the teachers,the students raised their hands to actively participate in interaction. Huanggang DabieshanUGGp provided students with practical and exquisite stationery as encouragement. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Xia extended a warm invitation to the students who were interested in fossils, hoping that after the restoration of the opening of the Huanggang Dabieshan Geological Museum, they could walk into the museum and have a closer look at the magical fossils.

After the lecture, the students invited Dr. Xia to sign as a memento, and hoped that Dr. Xia would often come to the school to carry out popular science lectures. The school leaders expressed their gratitude and hoped to strengthen the exchange and cooperation with Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp. At the end of the activity, Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp donated 20 sets of popular science books to the school, expressing deep expectations for students’ in-depth study of scientific knowledge. Students are welcome to visit Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp at any time to experience the beauty of nature and improve their scientific literacy through field investigation and studytour.

This activity not only popularized the knowledge of earth history, but also cultivated students’ scientific thinking and stimulated their interest. In the next step, Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp will continue to carry out science popularization activities through different forms and carriers, so as to give full play tothe function of science popularization education of theUGGp.

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