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Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark participated in the 6th International Training Course on UNESCO Global Geopark Management and Development

From December 7 to December 12, 2020, the 6th International Training Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks Management and Development was held in Yimengshan UNESCO Global Geopark, Shandong Province. Seven workers of Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark attended the training course.

Since 2016, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) has successively cooperated with UNESCO Global Geoparks of Yanqing, Fangshan, Taishan and Songshan to successfully hold the international training course on UNESCO global geoparks for five consecutive times, which has a great impact on the UNESCO global geoparks and the international community, and has a positive impact on the management and construction of many geoparks. The training course has become an important part of the capacity building of UNESCO global geoparks.

The training course was jointly organized by China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Yimengshan UNESCO Global Geopark and the office of Chinese GeoparksNetwork of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. Technical support was provided by Aegean University of Greece. Meanwhile, the training course was strongly supported by UNESCO Global Geoparks Secretariat, Global GeoparksNetwork (GGN), Asia Pacific GeoparksNetwork (APGN), Department of Protected Area Management of National Forestry and Grassland Administration of China, Secretariat of Chinese Commission for UNESCO.

With respect to the current situation of the UNESCO GlobalGeoparks, especially in the AsiaPacific region, the course aims to help Geopark workers to better understand the philosophy of UNESCO GlobalGeoparks, and to improve their ability in geopark management. The course has an emphasis on Geopark application, evaluation and revalidation processes. The training course invites the directors of UNESCO GlobalGeoparks Council, members of the Executive Board of the Global Geopark Network and outstanding experts of UNESCO GlobalGeoparks and other institutions as lecturers, aiming at promoting Geopark workers in depth understanding the UNESCO GlobalGeoparks, improving their management capabilities.

In 2002, the United Nations established December 11 as International Mountain Day to promote awareness of protecting mountain ecosystems. Mountain Biodiversity is the theme of this year’s International Mountain Day. On the afternoon of December 11, Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark, together with experts and participants from other geoparks, celebrated the International Mountain Day in Guimeng mountain scenic area of YimengshanUNESCO Global Geopark, calling for people to increasingly recognize the importance of mountain biodiversity.

On the afternoon of December 12, the 6th International Training Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks Management and Development successfully concluded. At the closing ceremony, Professor Zhang Jianping summarized the training course and announced that the 7th International Training Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks Management and Development would be held in Zhangye UNESCO Global Geopark. Afterwards the teaching experts presented the certificate of graduation to the trainees, and posed for pictures with them.

On April 17, 2018, UNESCO officially approved Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark as UNESCO Global Geopark. In 2021, the Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark will be revalidated for the first time. The fiveday international training course is rich in content. Through the lectures of experts and the interactive exchange and discussion among the UNESCO Global Geoparks, the trainees of Huanggang Dabieshan UNESCO Global Geopark have a better understanding of the philosophy of the UNESCO Global Geopark, the evaluation and revalidation standards, which is of great significance for the first revalidation process.

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