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Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp signed the Sistership Geopark Agreement with Ningde UGGp

In order to strengthen the exchange and study among the UGGps and promote the sustainable development, Huanggang DabieshanUGGp was invited to participate in the 10th Ningde UGGp cultural and tourism festival held in Fu’an, Fujian Province on October 20th.

At 2:30 p.m. on October 21th, the 2020 Ningde UGGp seminar was held in the conference room of Fu’an Convention and Exhibition Hotel. More than 100 people, including experts from China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Fujian Normal University and Fujian Provincial Institute of geological survey, as well as representatives of domestic UGGps, attended the meeting. At the symposium, geological experts and representatives of domestic UGGps exchanged and shared experiences on the protection of geological relics, scientific research and education, sustainable development, and revalidation of UGGps, with the theme of "cherishing the earth, harmonious coexistence of human being and nature".

At the end of meeting, a signing ceremony was held,Huanggang Dabieshan UGGp signed the Sistership Geopark Agreement with Ningde UGGp.

Ningde Geopark was officially listed in the UNESCO Global Geopark network directory at the UNESCO Global Geopark review conference held on Lesvos Island, Greece on October 3, 2010, and won the title of "Ningde UGGp". Ningde UGGp is located in Ningde city, Fujian Province, with Taimu mountain, Baiyun Mountain, Baishuiyang and Jiulongji as the corescenic spots, with a total area of 2660 square kilometers. The geological relics of the geopark are rich and colorful, with various types, including magnificent granite mountain landform, colorful volcanic rock mountain landform, various riverbed erosion landform and sea erosion landform, etc., which form a perfect combination with human history, national culture and biodiversity, bearing the legendary color of long geological evolution process and environmental change, which is highly valuable in the study ofscience popularization, aesthetics and ecotourism.

Ningde UGGp has passed two rounds of revalidation in 2014 and 2018 respectively. The signing ceremony of Sistership Geopark Agreement is of great significance for the Huanggang DabieshanUGGp to welcome the first round revalidation of UNESCO in 2021. In the next step, Huanggang DabieshanUGGp will carry out practical cooperation with Ningde UGGp, learn from the valuable experience accumulated in the process of revalidation of Ningde UGGp, actively explore and broaden the fields of exchange and cooperation, realize resource sharing, and jointly promote scientific management and sustainable development of protected areas.

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