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Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark Attended the Site Meeting of National Geopark & Mine Park Promoting Poverty Alleviation

From December 14 to December 15, the Chinese Academy of Land and Resources Economics, Department of Land and Resources of Hunan Province, and Hunan Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture People’s Government jointly held the “Site Meeting of National Geopark & Mine Park Promoting Poverty Alleviation”. Under the leadership of Qu Dezhi, the Trade Union Director of Huanggang Land and Resources Bureau, Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, Qu Dezhi made an exchange of experiences on promoting poverty alleviation in Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark. Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark is famous for the revolutionary old areas in Dabie Mountains. It is also the main battlefield for poverty alleviation in Huanggang. In recent years, we have given full play to the functional effects of geoparks, organically combined the construction of geoparks with the promotion of local economic development, and achieved good results. This has been fully affirmed by the masses and all sectors of society. In 2012, there were 231 impoverished villages and 8,209 poor households in Geoparks. Through a series of measures to help alleviate poverty, there are now 176 impoverished villages and 6,668 poorhouseholds out of the list in Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark. The rate of decline of the poor population reaches 80%, making a tremendous contribution to the poverty alleviation in old Dabie Mountains.

Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark will always adhere to the concept of sustainable development and continue to combine the construction of the geopark with the local economic development to provide local residents with employment opportunities and make new achievements in the pro-poor project of the old Dabie Mountains.

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