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Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark Held "Spring in Dabieshan•sScientific Popularization in Campus" Activities--First Stop Huanggang Normal University

In order to popularize the knowledge of earth science, carry forwardthe spirit of popularization of geological science, and raise the awareness ofpublic geological relics protection, Hubei Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark held"Spring in Dabieshan• Scientific Popularization in Campus" activities. On March 19, Huanggang  Normal University became the first stop.

Although the weather is not fine, spring rain chill deep, the enthusiasm of the students did not diminish, scene was packed.

Enthusiastic teachers and students

Professor He Dongcai made"Hubei Dabie Mountain - the Beauty of the Geology" lecture,introduced the great geographical significance of geological relics and itsmagical beauty to the students.ThenProfessor Fang Yuanping introduced the diversity of Dabie Mountain to thestudents with vivid and humorous words, as if the flowers of Dabie Mountain werebrought to the eyes of the students. Students asked questions enthusiastically,interacted positively, the atmosphere reached the climax again and again.

Qu Dezhi, the Director of Trade Union of Huanggang Municipal Bureau of Land andResources is making an opening speech

Professor He Dongcai is making the speech of "Hubei Dabie Mountain-the Beauty of the Geology "

Professor Fang Yuanping is introducing the diversity of Dabie Mountain to students

Studentsare asking questions

Volunteer representative is sharing her story with Dabie Mountain

Prof. Li Xiaochi is making the countdown in the part of lucky draw

Lasted more than three hours, this activity ended in the warm applause of students. This scientific popularization activity just a start, Hubei Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark, scientific popularization is always on the road.

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